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Dear Business Associate,

In our continuous Endeavor to provide best in class trading experience, we are delighted to inform about our new trading platforms. These platforms thrives upon state of the art technology and are equipped with extremely intuitive user interface. You are requested to read the platform details as per your convenience.
The platform migration is Planned for March 29, 2018 and as such your first trade for new financial year will be with absolutely newer trading experience.
Please plan accordingly to login into the upgraded system today positively i.e Saturday Mar 31, 2018. You have been provided with password on your email to login into the new platform. Also while logging in first time you need to answer 6 questions for second level of authentication. In case of any issue with your password, you may reset your passwords with forgot password link. All diet user need to install, our new platform & enhance & as diet will not be operational on and after April 02, 2018.
Please call up your clients and update them about the changes for seamless trading on April 02, 2018.
For any assistance, please feel free to call us at 9818587904


The platform comes in a package of 4 major components as follows

Explore: It is a browser based Online Investment platform which provide a direct access to Equities, Commodities and currency markets. This platform does not require any installation or hassle of uploading / download files. All you need is to login directly either through our website or through our Elite Wealth mobile trading App, available on both Android and IOS.
Empower: If you are a Mobile savvy trader, it is a right an ideal choice for you. Empower is our Mobile trading app, available on both Android and IOS, to give you a taste of technology while you are on the move. Its friendly interface allows to view rates, market depth, scrip details, charts and even buy or sell shares on a touch of your fingures.
Enhance: It is an trading application for active traders glued to markets on their desktops / laptops. The application provides advanced charting, various calculators and much more. It is an ideal fit for Traders looking towards building their own strategies and enriching their experience while trading in markets.
Epic: It is a Dealer platform meant for people handling multiple clients or trading codes at any given point of time.



Fast and Reliable feeds: Now see the changes in markets as they happens with fast and reliable feeds. We understand overcoming delays and latency in price movements brings in efficiency to avoid losses and thus opportunities to make profits.
Multiple Exchange Platform: Explore the opportunities to trade in multiple markets like equities (BSE & NSE), derivatives, commodities (NCDEX & MCX) and currency in one platform.
Advanced Charting: Use charts for different scripts to your advantage. Identify trends, signals with multiple indicators and cite the opportunities before others.
Advance Orders: Manage your positions with different type of orders thus minimizing risks or efficiently placing multi legged orders in one go with tools like like Bracket order, trailing stop loss etc
Personalization: Play in the markets with your lucky colors using personalization. Set the layout of your screen as per your style and ease of usage.
Call n Trade: Use Call n Trade, if you are not in front of screen for any trade assistance. Be it a Software demo, market inquiry, trading or any other support, our team will be happy to help you.


Order Types

The basic three product codes are the following:

MIS: Use of this type of order for trading Equities (cash) or F&O intraday, meaning you square off the position the same trading day. It stands for Margin Intraday Square-off. All positions under "MIS&get squared off at 3.10 PM daily. This order type may be used in Cash and Futures products.

CNC: Use this type of order for holding delivery equity (cash) positions overnight for delivery. It stands for Cash and Carry. The delivery as such taken may be carried forward as per Risk Management Policy and subject to regulatory guidelines.

NRML: Use this type of order for Normal Product(Delivery), whereby no leverage is applied. As such, trades placed under the NRML product code do not take advantage of any extra margin/leverage; instead, they require full margin. NRML only applies for Futures and Options (for Equities, the equivalent is CNC). These positions will not get squared off automatically.

Different Order Types available are:

  • Limit Orders
  • Market Orders
  • Stop Loss Orders
  • Stop Loss Market Orders
  • Cover Orders
  • Bracket Order
  • Payment Gateway
You may transfer your payment through 22 banks seamlessly using our Payment gateway and thus not get into any hassles of cheques or NEFT. The payment transferred get auto updated in ledger and provides limits accordingly in next 2 hours.


Online back office

The platforms is seamlessly integrated with online back office and you do not require to login separately to view your ledger, DP balance or any other back office reports, The link available in external link section directly gives you an access directly.

For any query please write an email to or contact @ 9818587904

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