Being resourceful is the key to achieve greater heights. Elite’s Business Associate program enables individuals tap their social network to get another source of income. There is no need for the business associate to own an office or devote time the whole day. He/she has the option to introduce individuals to make investments in Financial Products or who are looking to get or change their current Insurance plans. The rest will be managed by Elite Wealth . So it is a lead generation exercise for the Business Associate for which he/she will earn a portion of the revenue that Elite gets.

This option suits those individuals who have an existing client base in a separate industry or are have at least a group of 200 individuals that are looking to make investments or getting an insurance (Health, Life, Endowment or Motor insurance).

Each one of us have resources but the question is whether we are resourceful or not!

Product Mix available

The Business Associate has the following financial products that he can refer to his clients and pass on the leads to us. We will be responsible for the conversion and all back end processes.

Distribution of Mutual Funds

  • Investors benefit from an online platform to transact and view their holdings
  • provide MF consultancy and portfolio restructuring

Distribution of Debt Securities

  • We offer a variety of investments with different liquidities and tax treatments, that are better investments as compared to regular Fixed Deposits

Financial Planning

  • We partner the client in taking his steps towards his financial wellness and completion of financial goals.