Product Mix available for the Business Franchise or Associate

The greatest advantage of the Business Franchise model or a sub-brokerage is that the Associates need not devote any resource developing a product line or pricing plans. Elite Wealth has carried out detailed market analysis before choosing its pricing plans and developing its product line. These are on offer for Business Associates as well:

Broking :

  •  Across all segments: Equity / Derivatives / Currency / Commodity.

Portfolio Management Services : 

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management Services of Elite is a growing vertical at Elite focused at the HNIs.

Distribution of Mutual Funds : 

  • Investors benefit from an online platform to transact and view their holdings
  • provide MF consultancy and portfolio restructuring.

Distribution of Debt Securities : 

  • We offer a variety of investments with different liquidities and tax treatments, that are better investments as compared to regular Fixed Deposits.

Financial Planning : 

  • We Associates the client in taking his steps towards his financial wellness and completion of financial goals.

Insurance : 

  • The complete range of Insurance Products are available on offer for the business Associates.