3 Plans, Unlimited Opportunities

Based on our experience over the years, we have designed 3 distinct plans for traders and investors. Our Associates can extend the same to their client base. These are tailor-made to fit the needs of all traders and investors.


Elite Wealth has three basic plans for its retail clients in the equity segments. These plans are tailor-made for clients depending on their needs and requirements.

These three plans offer clients different pricing & different products. Take a look at the brief provided below for each product:

This is a plan for new investors and novice traders who want to test the waters before diving in deep. The brokerage charged and other costs would be available to the client at base rates. This is designed to be an account for a beginner in the markets. The traders and investors will get full array of our research reports and daily stock recommendations.

This account would have more competitive brokerage rates as well as no recurring Annual Maintenance Charges. Designed to fit the needs of the experience traders and investors this plan will support these individuals to carry out their market calls as well as get a package of 5 Accounts all at the cost of one! The Fantastic Five Accounts include:

  • Trading Account
  • Demat Account
  • Online Mutual Fund Facility
  • E-Insurance
  • National Pension System Account

This one is designed for the Investor. Apart from the Fantastic Five Accounts that the investor gets in this plan, he will also receive portfolio advisory services as well as research reports for investments in Mutual Funds and Equity. The research reports that the investors receive are concentrated towards building a strong portfolio for them and provide newer opportunities to these investors on a weekly and monthly basis.